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This year the anime industry gave fans a vast amount of anime series and movies. And while few left much to be desired, there were some that changed the perception that nonfans (and fans) have about anime and some of its most contentious genres. Here’s the best anime of 2017

Wish CLAMP opening and ending

Wish belongs to CLAMP I do not own anything nor did I make this.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 212 Special | Magazine

You won't need to keep this collection under your bed ;) Watch season 10 of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN on AnimeLab now - Subscribe to our ...

Attack on Titan - Omake-Pfadlib - Piano Cover

Hello friends, =) Today I have something of Attack on Titan again for you. =O This time even with real-life effect! =O I wish you a lot of fun with my new video as ...


Hola por fin el capitulo final de esta bonita serie que lo disfruten Gracias por verlo !!!!!!!!!!!!! n____n.

Blue seed omake #ES12 [ShortJapaneseAnime]

Share this movie link to your friends. Share to support my channel. I wish you have great time on my channel and Enjoy Watching Guys! Have a nice day! All The ...

Who Wants To Be A Girl? PV - English Sub

Chinese Title: Shei Yao Dang Shaonü Original Manhua Creator: Lan Bai Wan Nice 蓝白碗nice Original Raw: ...

Anime Funny -  Owari no Seraph:Nagoya Kessen hen [Owaranai Seraph]-Guren's waifu

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Secret wish (Anime)

You can see there angels, unicorns and nymphs. It´s nice video. I enjoy it.

Clamp in Wonderland HD

Clamp in Wonderland I High Definition Song: Hirotani Junko - Anata dake no Wonderland (Your Very Own Wonderland) Ending Song: Hirotani Junko - Anata ga ...

Voices of Eden: Wish -  Chapter 1

We hope you enjoy the first project by Voices of Eden. We do wish we could've found better scans of this manga and had less ...

Anime We Hope Come Back, But Not as Live-Action - Anime Omake

Hollywood has yet to get live-action anime adaptations right, but there could be better projects in the future. Plus, we go over anime we desperately want new ...

Anime Omake: The Amazing Anime of 2018

In episode 2 of Anime Omake, Miranda and Jacki take you through the best anime of 2018 so far as well as what to look forward to through the fall season.

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