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Anime shows nowadays focus on any topic under the sun. Some revolve around the life of a shinigami, ninja, or an assassin. Some revolve around a sport like basketball or soccer. Have you ever wondered which anime genre are the best? Such curiosity motivated me to come up with this site. If you think I missed an genre of anime worthy of mentioning, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. Have a good time everyone!

Ai Yori Aoshi - Top 5 Romantic Moments

A recollection of romantic clips from the ONLY romantic anime ever made. Yeah I said that.

Ai yori aoshi Cute moment

Ai yori aoshi Cute moment.

Aoi & Kaoru (romantic moments)

This video I don't own the clips however I do love this show my original video files got corrupted so I created a new video with two of my favorite scenes I hope ...

Ai Yori Aoshi AMV

ai yori aoshi anime every time we touch by cascada.

Ai Yori Aoshi Episodio 12 - "Kiss"

Kaoru Hanabishi es un estudiante universitario de segundo año, de la Universidad de Meiritsu, en Tokyo. Acostumbrado a gozar de una vida tranquila, rutinaria ...

Keisaku x Margery Moment (Shakugan no Shana)

This was just too cute. HOLY SHIT THAT VIEW COUNT! Legal: Shakugan no Shana is the property of its rightful owners, I made nothing.


Song: Boa - Every Heart Top 19 A Video of my Top Best Romance Anime! (I forgot to name one but it's on here) 19.Lamune Rumble 17.Lovely ...

Ai Yori Aoshi「A.M.V」- Without You

This high quality edited video composes different scenes from various anime episodes! Subarashii AMV provides unique value in this AMV, editing videos using ...

Ai Yori Aoshi الحلقة 01 مترجمة

Ai Yori Aoshi هي قصة حب جميلة وهادئة نشئت بين كلاً من Kaoru و Aoi منذ 18 عاماً. هي قصة التقاليد اليابانية الجميلة التي...

Anime Kissing

Animes: 0:00 Da Capo 0:22 Kanon 0:34 zero no tsukaima 0:40 elemental gelade 0:47 KimiKiss Pure Rouge 0:56 Ai yori Aoshi 1:11 air 1:17 I love my little sister ...

Kisses AMV 2- E.T.

It´s not only kissing amv , there scenes about all animes that i like it I hope that you like it :) Song: Katy Perry - E.T Animes: - Honey x honey drops - Code Geass ...

Ai Yori Aoshi - Everytime we touch

this was another Re Upload request. Is an old video that I made for someone very special.. I hope you all enjoy it too =)

Ai Yori Aoshi - Everything

Another AMV I made in 2003 Song: Lifehouse - Everything Anime: Ai Yori Aoshi Edit: Just found out someone else uploaded my video 3 years ago when it was ...

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