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The Best Animated Movies Right Now! Good Animated Films!

Establishing the best anime movies can be tricky. After all, despite now being one of the most ubiquitous cultural properties of the 21st century, anime, thanks to over a century’s worth of the medium’s evolution and reinvention, is especially difficult to define. Amateur efforts, nationalist propaganda fodder, niche cultural export turned eventual global phenomenon: Each iteration conforms to the shape of the times in which it was produced.

Top 10 Anime OVA Series

These series may have never hit Japanese TV screens, but their legacy is undeniable. Join as we count down our picks for the Top ...

What Even Is An OVA?

With new ova's like Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe coming out, I thought I should explain just what anime ova's are and their detailed history. Twitter: ...

JoJo vs DIO (1993 OVA with 2015 dub)

Enable the subtitles for the english version. Since June 2015 the 1993 OVA was the only way to watch this epic fight. When the anime came out some people ...

Switch OVA 1 + 2

credits to the owner

Good Morning Call OVA

Minna here's the ova of Good Morning Call and I love this ova.

The good high school life | Noragami OVA | ノラガミ

DVA #noragami #ノラガミ The good high school life | Noragami OVA | ノラガミ Anime: English: Noragami Japanese: ノラガミ Producers: Avex Entertainment, ...

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu OVA 1

I love this ova too, you better watch this minna :)

Grelliam - Kuroshitsuji OVA -

OVA - The Tale Of Will Shinigami (Povestea lui Will, Zeul Mortii) Black Butler playlist ...

Zetsuai 1989 Ova 1 English Subbed

This video and it's contents belong to the respective owners. Please do not take this video down Link to second part ...

BAOH English full OVA (Anime) HIGH QUALITY

Classic late 80s anime OVA Im sorry about the subbs, it was ment to be japanese voice and english subbs, but the mp4 went somehow english with subbs.

Armor Hunter Mellowlink (1988) The Mecha Anime You Need to Watch [OVA Review]

Donate to Kenny Here: All funds raised go towards VHS Tapes & Laserdiscs for future anime Reviews & Lost Media ...

Baby Love OVA

Minna here's the ova of Baby Love and this is a cute romance.

Nora OVA 1985 English Sub

The original (and relatively much better) Nora adaptation.

Urban Square - Kouhaku no Tsuigeki OVA (Full)

Super obscure 80's OVA I found and decided to share. Plot Summary: Ryou Matsumoto is a screenplay writer who runs into a man and witnesses his murder.

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